4th Annual Hayfield Antique Sale

The Hayfield Antique sale features leading antique dealers from the local region , who continue to set the standard for outstanding quality and integrity.  These exhibitors will bring together the finest examples available today including period furniture, folk and fine art, ceramics, porcelain, silver, jewelry, and textiles.

  • Multiple dealers from the region with unique treasures
  • Primitives
  • Furniture
  • Cottage finds
  • Architectural
  • Garden goods
  • Decorator items, Jewelry, & more



Show Date:  Saturday, 2 October 9am to 5pm

  • Free admission


A Past Show 15964 Gilman Rd,

Leavenworth KS 66048.

(913) 680-7228



MapQuest Directions from your Location


From the North -
, KS)



3. Turn RIGHT onto S 4TH ST / KS-7 / US-73. Continue to follow KS-7 S / US-73 S.

go 5.2 mi

total 5.8 mi



4. Turn RIGHT onto 4-H RD / FOUR-H RD / CR-7. Continue to follow CR-7.

go 2.7 mi

total 8.5 mi



5. Turn RIGHT onto GILMAN RD.

go 0.1 mi

total 8.6 mi



6. 15964 GILMAN RD is on the RIGHT.

go 0.0 mi

total 8.6 mi

From the North

From Kansas City, MO (From the South),




5. Merge onto I-670 W / I-70 ALT W via EXIT 2L toward I-35 S / WICHITA (Crossing into KANSAS).

go 3.6 mi

total 4.3 mi



6. I-670 W / I-70 ALT W becomes I-70 W / US-24 W / US-40 W.

go 13.4 mi

total 17.7 mi



7. Merge onto US-73 N / KS-7 N via EXIT 224.

go 10.3 mi

total 28.0 mi



8. Turn LEFT onto 4-H RD / FOUR-H RD / CR-7. Continue to follow CR-7.

go 2.7 mi

total 30.7 mi



9. Turn RIGHT onto GILMAN RD.

go 0.1 mi

total 30.9 mi



10. 15964 GILMAN RD is on the RIGHT.



From the South



Interested in being a vendor in the Show?:



For more information and contract, contact : Jill Cook


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